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US Open 2015 To Allow Cell phones

US Open 2015 has already startled many with its new venue Chambers Bay and there is another great news for the golf fans planning to watch the championship live-the fans would be allowed to carry their mobile phones while watching the golf stars in action at the upcoming June championship.

Such a move makes the US Open this year all the more special as this is something for the first time in the history of golf. The news has been confirmed by a press release from USGA.

“Spectators can carry their mobile handsets smaller to 7” in height or length, including smartphones, cell phones & PDAs”, stated the USGA press release.

“All the devices must have their volume controls set to vibration or silent while on the course.’

The policy, however, excludes computers and tablets.

USGA has come up with 4 specified “phone zones” meant for the event patrons where they would have the on-site Wi-Fi facility & unperturbed phone usage.

USGA’s decision coincides with launch of latest which boasts an “enriched fan experience” through the offer of exclusive contents on their phone application & on the

“It is a policy that we have been on the lookout for a while at USGA”, stated USGA PR Director Janeen Driscoll.

“Earlier, use of mobile phones was a big concern on security grounds but we believe that we would be able to manage that & today people are inclined to carry cell phones for personal security.”

Janeen also noted that USGA has found that spectators have been “deeply respectful” regarding usage of cell phones on the ground.

However, although the spectators can carry their mobile phones to Chambers Bay yet they are not allowed to pictures during the championship rounds- but patrons have such allowance for the first 3 days.