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Surgery for Stricker With Bulging Disc

Steve Stricker went for surgery as he was suffering from chronic and acute L5 radiculopathy. He was relieved of his issues. In 2014 he was suffering from hip problem which was due to bulging disc. He was not there for three months in PGA Championships. Before going for surgery he took part in Franklin Templeton Shootout and Hero World Challenge.

The surgery was performed in Madison in the University of Wisconsin Hospital. For the following six weeks he will be resting under the rehab. After 8 weeks he will be allowed to practise. He is sure of competing in 2015 with 100 percent physical fitness as stated by him.

In 2014 he participated in official events of 12 in number. His schedule was limited owing to his injury. He had to leave many events due to his injury but he is confident that the level of procedure which he underwent would allow him to perform at his best. The level which he was playing under was not his best as stated by him. Currently he does not have a set target as it is solely depended on his body’s response towards the treatment and then towards the game.

His brother-in-law who is also his agent confirmed the news that his surgery was successful which took 1 hour. He has won 12 tournaments and will not be away much. The decision of undergoing the surgery was good decision as without it he would not have been able to play in the required manner. Sportsmen have to deal with a number of injuries which is like a part and parcel of their sports career. To come out of the injury and perform well is something to relish for lifetime. To maintain the same level requires patience and determination at all levels.