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Problem Brewing Between Rory Mcllroy and Graeme McDowell

Is it a McTurmoil between Mcllroy and McDowell- well it has to be seen through reports. Mcllroy has sued to get released from from Horizon Sports Management’s contract. Similarly McDowell has hard feelings for Mcllroy after his decision.

The duo seems to be at loggerheads. A lawsuit was filed by Mcllroy on McDowell that too a day before his marriage and more so the nuptials were not attended by Mcllroy. McDowell has however always appreciated Mcllroy in public. More so since both were in the Ryder Cup scoring in the last match with  two and a half points. But now whether they will formulate as a team or not is questionable. The case is due after the Ryder Cup till 2015. But has the incident blown out of proportion by the media is to be seen.

The date of the lawsuit is appaling as the question is that Mcllroy got the wedding date of McDowell to destroy his ceremony! MD Conor Ridge states that the lawsuit was filed in order to inflict maximum tarnish of the company’s image in front of the media and that too when he knew that two of the company’s men were attending the wedding of McDowell. It has pointed through several inferences in the mail provided to the lawyers that the wedding day was labelled as ‘D-Day’ which makes it an inquisitive case.  But the whole thing seems to have been an issue of trust factor between the company and Mcllroy. What promted him to act in such a manner is well known to him but what action will the case conclude in can be foretold by his fans. Both play professional game and have a reputation of their own which is already under the scanner.